OnLine Appointments

You can now book GP appointments Online- Information HERE

Bowel Screening

Information on the Bowel Screening is available HERE

In Event of Power Cut

Paricularly during the Winter months the village is prone to power cuts.  which means it is inevitable that at times we will have no power.

In the event of a Power Cut we will remain open ( unless unsafe to do so ) so we can be contacted by coming to the surgery. It may be dark but we do have torches!! However please remember we will have no access to computers.

We have a contingency plan which will allow access to a single phone line on our main number.  Please be aware our call capacity will be significantly reduced and only call if an urgent clinical matter. 

 We also ask that calls are kept short due to the fact this will be our only line and there may be patients with serious medical conditions trying to get hold of us

Please be assured while all this is going on we will have taken steps to restore phone and power services

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